2016-17 Officers

Scott Nelson - President
Mike Fisher - Vice President
Tim Gleason - Secretary
Marlon Steiner - Treasurer
Jerry Schaunaman - Groomer

Marlon Steiner Mike Brooks Scott Nelson Robert Huff
Janie Steiner Amy Brooks Michelle Nelson Kerri Huff
Mike Fisher Dennis Nelson Nick Currence Ethan Medenwald
Tricia Fisher Judy Nelson Brittany Currence Lance Nelson
Brian Steen Dean Schultz, Jr. Jerry Schaunaman Tim Gleason
Gina Steen Lori Schultz Kim Schaunaman Lindsay Bartnick
Jeff Currence Dan Piotter Corey Liknes Pat Fredlund
Amy Currence Amy Piotter Susan Liknes Jeff Olson
Tyler Medenwald Mike Ceroll Austin Richards Craig Bair
Missy Medenwald Aaron Hannasch Brett Serocki Todd Block
Tim Veflin Ronnie Grajczyk Jon Janssen Cindy Block
Tiffany Veflin Heather Grajczyk Rachel Janssen Lee Hansen
Dave Stillson Ken Hansen Kevin Steen Christa Hansen
Lisa Pearson Michelle Storck Jon Bartz  

We stand at: 55 SDSA memberships

Would you like to become a member of the Northeast Trailblazers Snowmobile Club?
Membership is a great experience! With many others who also enjoy the sport, it makes every ride awesome. We are a little family of friends who also love to ride, and we are part of something even bigger. The South Dakota Snowmobile Association is our sponsor, and they are the VOICE of our group at state and national levels. They speak up for us on all issues that affect snowmobiling. There are 26 snowmobile clubs in South Dakota. Our club falls into the District 6 area. Our District  Representative keeps us up to date on the issues from the higher levels. Membership is a small monetary fee of $25 per individual or $50 per family. We could sure use your support and would be more than happy to welcome you into our group. Remember, united we trail, but divided, we fail. Please help us keep the sport going.  Registration Form (print)

Respect the landowners. Obey the laws of the county, and the rules of the trail. Always stay on trail in State Parks!
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